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What is Google snippet optimisation?

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Snippet optimisation is a process designed to increase the number of clicks a search result gets by making it more attractive to users. On its most basic level, snippet optimisation involves adjustment of page title and meta description, making it stand out from other search results. Additional activities may include rich snippet design utilising structured data markup for news, videos, apps, events, reviews, recipes or products. Rich snippets may also appear for local results, books, patents and scholarly articles.

Same Rank. More Clicks.

Increasing search result attractiveness delivers additional clicks on the same ranking position in search engines. The effect is immediate and can make dramatic impact on high-traffic pages.

Work Smarter. Full Control.

SEO agencies today tend to promise “increase in rankings” as their main deliverable. The problem is that no SEO can control what Google does and it's ultimately up to a search engine to order results as they see fit. We like to show our clients immediate results in order to build trust. This is where technical SEO comes in. I prioritise my activities and focus on goals and deliverables I know are achievable. I focus on what can be controlled.

Unique Approach

Not everyone can do snippet optimisation like I can. My process involves retrieval of your click data directly from Google. The information I have is processed in order to determine expected CTR (click-through rate) for each ranking position, excluding any branded or product terms which tend to inflate values. I then calculate the difference between average and actual CTR performance. This reveals new insights about your website's performance in Google including:

  1. Over-performing snippets – you did something good here, what is it?
  2. Under-performing snippets – something went terribly wrong here, let's not repeat it.
  3. Top optimisation targets – best pages to optimise immediately

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