#3: SEO is like being a Tropical Fish Keeper


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SEO/Online Marketing can be compared to many things in life, but I have found a great fondness for my tropical fish keeping. I can see the comparisons straight away. In this post, I am going to discuss the comparisons, with a little humor and the odd exciting gem of SEO knowledge.

Why? I hear you ask !

If you want to take things seriously, you need to consider many things to have a flourishing tank, which gives a long term place for your fish. This is very much like SEO, if you want to start an online marketing campaign, you need to understand what ranking signals Google looks for when indexing a web page. You need to understand what makes the biggest long term impact and not just for short-term happiness.

What you need to do

  1. Clean Code = PH Scale

    Websites should contain clean and lean code, get as much javascript (JS) and your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) off-page as you can. Google has no interest in these and is looking for the text on the page. Text to code ratios are important and should be considered when coding a website. This is very much like having the PH scale of the water your fish tank correct and not too acidic. Like Google, fish don't enjoy a poor environment, they can get illness's, then die, don't allow your website to do the same !
  2. NEW Content = Regular Feeding

    Google loves to see a website that is active and not static (as we do with fish). Google is hungry for new content so add some from time to time and optimise the content that is currently on your pages.
  3. Ranking Optimisation = Water Change

    Fish hate dirty old water. A good fish keeper should change 1/3 of the water once ever 7 days for the fish to flourish. This is the same as ranking optimisation, every page of content you have, could work harder in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages). Keep testing your content by updating it, likewise your meta titles and descriptions and headings.

    Always check where the pages rank for the given keywords, you will then start to understand what works and what doesn't. Your website (environment) will flourish in Google; if you go the extra mile. Like water changes, once you do it a few times it will become a routine that will bring untold benefits.

The Bottom Line !

Look after your website like you would your loved ones. Why would anyone have a fish tank if they did not want to take care of it? Take care of your online proposition and you will see the benefits (it could breed into something special). The improvement will be great to watch, bring happiness and you will ensure your online business is in the best possible condition for Google.

"If you require help, get in touch today, I will be more than happy to look after your website like I do my fish"

I have 97 post's to go, from my target of writing 100 articles in 365 days !

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