#20: Please Check Your Website for Errors


Good Evening

I placed an order on the 3rd of January for critical items for our log burner (so we can use it) hoping it would arrive very quickly (as mentioned on the companies website) so we can use it again as quickly as we can in this colder weather. It has now been a week and we have not received the items we needed so I contacted the company by their contact form on the website.

Surprise, Surprise !

What a surprise, we found that the email sent via the contact form had been sent to the web developer and not the company I wanted to contact. It is mission critical that you check your website yourself to ensure all navigation, links and the contact form works. It is very poor to see errors and you can put of clients unless your site is checked for issues.

I decided to go back to the website to see if they documented the email address to contact them on. Again I was left frustrated, having the email bounce straight back telling me the email address didi not exist.

I contacted the company by phone expecting to get a dead line but hey, I did get through to the company and relayed the issues with the order and the email issues. The owner did not realise the problems with the contact form or the advertised email address. The website was built as in the owners words "about 6 months ago". So in real terms nobody has been able to contact this company without calling in directly. This is bad customer service, a real let down.


In conclusion

We will not be using the company again even though we nearly ordered additional spares for the log burner but decided to see what they were like first. Finally, check your website for errors otherwise you could be loosing potential business.

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