#15: Misrepresentation on a site isnt a good idea


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Your website needs to be kept up to date at all times. Misrepresentation takes many forms; it can be an unfortunate accidental mistake or used for more sinister reasons. You will have heard that "Honesty is the best policy", this goes for a website too. I have written this post as I have found a classic misrepresentation online.

Take a look at this

The following screen capture shows several members of the workforce of a company (WUKmedia) I used to work for. Colin Smith left the company over a year ago, as did Richard Mcgowan and Lee Johnson (me), has not worked for the company for close to six months. I have not been replaced (as far as I am aware), and the company has clients paying for online marketing services. Cheeky !!!

There are two ways of looking at this:

  1. 1. Oversight/Laziness/Lack of Capacity: - The staff page has not been updated in over a year. It shows a lack or respect for their clients and potential clients. It indicates that there is not real leadership, or urgency and honest truths are not important. It could be even more shameful: lazyness... or whoever now looks after the website does not have the capacity or the authority to make the required changes.
  2. 2. Misrepresentation for more sinister reasons: - This may be for manipulation of potential clients looking at the website. It may be to make the company look bigger or better. It could be that the people have never been replaced. The sad thing is that if someone followed the link to my Linkedin page, they would see that I have not worked there for nearly six months.

In Conclusion

Always be careful what you read online. If you are looking to work with a company online do as much research as you can to make sure they are right for you. Get to know who you will be working with so you can build a working relationship with them. For all you website owners, keep your site up to date to ensure consistency and ensure honesty and integrity.

I have 85 post's to go, from my target of writing 100 articles in 365 days !

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