#7: Common SEO Questions


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You learn about the opportunity to create a website on just about any topic that interests you and being able to make money off of it. You purchase a domain name, you set up a website, you write some content, and then you wait. Frustration starts to set in and you question whether or not creating a website was a wasted effort as months go by and you do not make any money.

It is in this situation that a person needs to hire someone such as local DC SEO experts. Due to the fact that you are new to the world of marketing and search engine optimization, you are still probably wondering what to expect after you pay for DC SEO services. The first thing any SEO expert should offer is a dc seo free analysis report. This report should review who comes to your website, how long they stay on the page, if you have broken links, and what areas of your site needs to be improved. This report can help you decide whether or not you need professional SEO help.

Competitive SEO and Long Tail SEO

There is a merit to using both competitive SEO and long tail SEO. There are some people who like to do a combination of the two and some people who prefer one over the other. Understanding the difference between the two will make it easier to decide what to do with your website.

Competitive SEO is keyword and keyword phrases that get a lot of attention on search engines. In theory, this means that more people are going to search for these words which means you could be getting more traffic this way. The problem with competitive SEO is that these are keywords that everyone uses. Getting a first page ranking with competitive keywords is far from easy. In some cases, it is not even possible because of how long a certain website or company has held the first page ranking for that keyword.

Long tail SEO involves more specific and detailed keywords. These keywords are not going to get searched as often, but they are not as competitive either. These are keywords people search for when they want to find very specific information.


In Conclusion

The best way to approach SEO is to have a mixture of long tail and competitive keywords. Long tail keywords are easier to get first page rankings and if you are lucky you only end up a couple pages back in the search results for the competitive keywords.

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