#5: Check your website for errors


Good Morning

I can't believe how many website owners do not check on their online business (website) for errors and to ensure their website is in tip top condition. I'm so disappointed that businesses do not ensure their shop window is in good shiny condition and is presenting what is required without errors. It has come to my attention that companies take money from businesses for their own gain and do not care about the business.

Let me explain..........

Why, Why, Why !

I have just checked a website I used to look after for a client for a company I used to work on behalf of (a top B&B in Windermere). It's a bloody disgrace. The website has .php issues that are displaying on their website. This is for one, un-professional (I have emailed them to explain the issues), bad for business and makes potential clients think (subconsciously) that you do not care about your business or clients. I know the client well and understand that they are very busy working to keep clients happy. They are not disrespectful and do care for their clients but don't have time to continually make checks to see if the website is working as required.


In Conclusion

Always check your website daily (if possible). Work with someone/company that cares). It does not take long to check the main pages of your website to ensure your online portfolio is in good condition. It could mean more business ! Simple things are so easy to do, we often forget to keep them up. Well start now, it will only take a few minutes. It could make all the difference.

I have 95 post's to go, from my target of writing 100 articles in 365 days !

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