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Lee Johnson

I specialise in making your online presence work for your business

I (Lee Johnson) to empower my clients with informative knowledge in plain English (I prefer being forthright and up-front), that assists with an improved understanding of what the search engines require from a client's website to perform in the SERP's. I define and deliver strategic approaches in both organic and paid search. I use the demonstrable experience of providing SEO performance through proven ability to work autonomously day to day while able to influence decisions from key search insight.

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"Helping companies grow one click at a time !"

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Get to know what makes me tick outside work & how I make sure my spare time is used to it's best.

Boxing Trips

I love to travel the world with friends watching large boxing events in many different parts of the world. It is a real passion to get to see the best possible fights in the best possible locations & venues. I have seen many fighters from Mike Tyson, the Klitschko brothers, David Haye, Carl Froch & Mikkel Kessler.


Tropical Fish Keeper

I am a huge tropical fish lover & have a 350L corner unit talk in the front room in our new home. I look high & low to find F1 Malawi fish that are very rare to make the tank the best it can be. I have had many people comment on the strange but beautiful fish that I own & look after. If I had more time at home, I would love to look after marine fish but I like to travel too much. Time will change this.

Tropical Fish

World Discovery

I love to travel the world to discover what it has to offer. I have been to many countries from America, Sweden, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Teneriffe, Poland, Holland, Ireland, Andorra, Denmark, Latvia, Mexico, Cape Verde & Montenegro. They all have individual moments that inspire me. I have many parts of the world that I want to tick off my to-do list. I want to see the northern lights & snowboard in Switzerland & want to travel to Russia, to see the architecture.


10 Digital Marketing Trends

10 digital marketing trends


man dancing in the rain

"You cant sit around & wait for the storm to be over; you've got to learn how to dance in the rain"

From Humble Beginnings

My first experience online started by working for a national ISP called Businesserve PLC. My role was to sell domain names, hosting, SEO & website design. I have owned & worked for several marketing agencies including BT, where I became their UK SEO manager that taught me a great deal that I use with each & every client today.

A Simple Philosophy

I love to get the ball rolling, execute on good ideas & develop strong concepts & strategies that lead to great results & returns. I specialise in digital marketing solutions, particularly, search engine optimisation & front-end website development through lead generation & increasing the return on investment for each & every client.

Promise To Empower

Empowerment is based on the idea that giving others skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation, as well holding them responsible & accountable for outcomes of their actions, will contribute to their competence & satisfaction. I promise to empower all my clients so that success can be achieved faster & for an extended period.

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"Instead of looking for clients, what if they found you?"

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